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Fuqua Application Insight: Our 25 Random Things

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Framework for Answering the Duke Fuqua 25 Random Things

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Tips on Writing Your

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25 random things duke essays

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How To Answer Fuqua’s ’25 Random Things’ Essay

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Duke 25 random things essay about myself

25 Random Things Example: “Went without food for 2 days in Haiti, while leading the Rebuilt Haiti mission our church volunteered, helping rebuild 2, homes” Tip #4: Mention Adventure Trips Duke Fuqua favors applicants who had some form of adventure trips. So, to help inspire your essays, I thought I would pass along my list of 25 Random Things: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta—specifically Stone Mountain, GA.

Stone Mountain is one of the largest pieces of exposed granite in the United States and also the fictional home of Kenneth from the sitcom 30 Rock. Fuqua Application Insight: Our 25 Random Things Emmy Komada, Dan Tudesco, Emily Silman, Emily Madden and Connie Chai - July 7, For the last several years, Fuqua’s MBA application has included the essay question that asks you to provide 25 random things about yourself—essentially 25 interesting facts.

For the last several years, Fuqua’s MBA application has included the essay question that asks you to provide 25 random things about yourself—essentially 25 interesting facts. That question is back for the application year, so we wanted to provide some insight on how you might approach it.

It is one of the more unusual essay questions that any business school can ask an applicant: “Share with us your list of “25 Random Things” about YOU.” The question is a key reason why MBA admission consultants judge Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business as having one of the very best.

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Duke 25 random things essay help
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