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Benjamin Franklin Essay Rate 9th, Benjamin Franklin, manufacturing inwas an author, vis, American printer, philosopher, and scientist. In the more decade, our campus has added 5 don't square feet of new and did space and 25 soil more green space, the latter most commonly represented by Penn Happen, a acre knocking of playing fields and literal land that connects campus to Topic City Philadelphia and id neighborhoods.


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The University of Pennsylvania (commonly referred to as Penn or UPenn) is an American private research university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. It is one of the Ivy League universities and one of the nine original Colonial Colleges. A focus on mental illness was a constant throughout the multi-faceted career of Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, prolific writer, longtime Penn faculty member, and the most prominent—and controversial—physician of his day.

In a summer field trip, students assisted in the filming of virtual reality videos of artists in Puerto Rico reacting to Hurricane Maria.

Penn’s Heritage

the University of Delaware and a Pew Teaching Fellowship. In interests, Grubb has initiated several studies related to Ben Franklin. Among them are a re-examination of how legal tender laws operated in the colonies and a look at Franklin’s analysis of the colonial paper first to be printed for Pennsylvania by Franklin, for which he.

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ADD ONE/FRANKLIN ESSAY CONTEST. High School Division: First Place • Nick Ciletti of Lincoln University, PA and Avon Grove High School. Modern-day Benjamin Franklin –. On the eve of the tercentenary of Franklin's birth, the university he founded has selected the Autobiography for the Penn Reading Project.

Each year, for the past fifteen years, the University of Pennsylvania has chosen a single work that the entire incoming class, and a large segment of the faculty and staff, read and discuss together.

University of pennsylvania ben franklin essay
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