Write a simple sentence with a compound predicate

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Compound Subject Examples

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Complete sentences can be long or short, but they must have a subject and predicate! Use this quick exercise to help your students identify complete sentences vs.

A compound predicate is different from a compound sentence. A compound sentence contains more than one independent clause (more than one subject) joined.

A sentence where a single subject governs more than verb is still a simple sentence, not a compound or complex one. It just has a compound predicate, which isn't enough to make something a compound sentence on its own. – tchrist ♦ Dec 2 '17 at Compound Predicate: presence of more than one predicate in a sentence Example: Dolphins are swimming and splashing around in the nearby beach.

‘Swimming’ and ‘splashing’ are two predicates (verb forms) present within one sentence, where they both share the helping verb ‘are’.

Compound sentences are two simple sentences, or independent clauses, that are joined together to make a longer sentence.

The Parts of a Sentence

If your writing is filled with short sentences, you can create variety in your paragraphs by combining ideas with a coordinating conjunction, semicolon, conjunctive adverb or transitional phrase.

Compound sentence 1: Maria made the birthday cake, and Eli bought the candles. Compound sentence 2: Now write two compound sentences of your own. In the first, include a comma and a coordinating conjunction.

In the second, include a semicolon. 8. Answers will vary.

Sentence Formulas

9. Answers will vary.

Write a simple sentence with a compound predicate
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What is a compound predicate