Write an equation of a line with 2 intercepts

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Quadratic equation

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Find the Equation of a Line Given That You Know Two Points it Passes Through

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Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation.

(1,-3; y + 2 – 4(x-1) 2.

Tutorial on Equation of Line

Learn about a class of equations in two variables that's called "linear equations." They are called that way because their graph is a line. These are the most basic and. How do you write an equation given the slope of a line and one point on the line m= -3 (1, -2)? How do you write an equation in slope intercept form of a line containing the coordinates (2,5) with a slope of 3?

Find the equation of the line. Choose two points that are on the line. Calculate the slope between the two points $$m=\frac{y_{2}\, -y_{1}}{x_{2}\, -x_{1}}=\frac{\left (-1 \right)-3}{3-\left (-3 \right)}=\frac{-4}{6}=\frac{-2}{3}$$ We can find the b-value, the y-intercept, by looking at the graph.

b = 1. We've got a value for m and a value for b.

Write an equation of a line with 2 intercepts
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Writing Algebra Equations Given Two Points